COM Women's Soccer Grabs 2-2 Draw Against Redwoods

COM Women's Soccer Grabs 2-2 Draw Against Redwoods

Despite the heat, the smoke, and the exhaustion, the Mariners found a way to get a result. On Friday, the College of Marin Women's Soccer Team hosted College of the Redwoods in 105 degree temperatures and air that was severely choked by Northern California wildfires. In the face of all the adversity the Mariners managed a 2-2 draw with a pair of second half goals.

At kickoff neither team had their legs, as both teams adapted to the playing conditions. The play began a bit sloppy with several errant passes and under run routes. Off a stoppage Redwoods found the net with a set of nifty passes to get in on goal where Mariners goalie Shannon Daly was unable to corral the vicious shot. Both teams played evenly the rest of the first half. At the whistle, both teams spent most of their break trying to rehydrate while receiving pep talks from coaches.

Mariners Coach Andrew Jones preached patience and confidence despite Marin's 1-0 deficit. The first twenty-five minutes of the second half were an entertaining affair, but neither team could push across a goal. In the 70th minute Marin's Christine Wilhoyte intercepted a ball played out by the Redwoods goalie. She was caught off her lines and Wilhoyte took a long shot that found the net for a 1-1 tie.

Just six minutes later Wilhoyte hit Robach with a through ball. Tatum dribbled round the goalie and easily finished to give the Mariners a 2-1 advantage, their first such lead of the season. With all the momentum on the side of Marin it looked as if the Mariners might grab their first victory of the year.

In the final minutes, Redwood played a cross in to the top of the box and a collision between Marin keeper Daly and a Redwood player was not whistled during which time the ball found its way into the net. It was controversial score, but it was enough to tie the game at 2-2. Marin did not have the time to untie the game as the final whistle sounded.

Given the conditions it was still a good result for the Mariners, but given two straight ties, it is clear they are hungry and ready for their first win of the year. Next up is a visit from DeAnza College on Friday, September 8th.