Mariners Undergo Trial by Fire at Cañada

Mariners Undergo Trial by Fire at Cañada

Redwood City, CA—Head Coach Andrew Jones knew that heading down to the South Bay to square off against the Cañada Colts was going to be a tough first test for the Mariners. Still very much a team coming together Marin was headed into a trial by fire, literally and figuratively as game time temperature was 91 degrees—a heat only intensified on the all turf field.

The Colts, who entered the contest with three games under their belts, showed their experience as a squad in the opening twenty minutes of play, opening up a 4-0 lead. The Mariners were able to regroup and stifle the Colts for the majority of the remainder of the half as the team began to look more comfortable with one another on the pitch. However, Cañada got a pair of one-on-one chances with the keeper in the closing minutes of the first period and converted them both making it 6-0 when the whistle blew to bring the first half to a close.

Sitting in the shade during the intermission Coach Jones spoke to his team about the importance of finishing the game strong. He knew he was asking a lot from his players, as the Mariners had no substitutions available and the heat had already taken a toll. Marin took the message to heart, and played spirited defense despite their fatigue—jumping into passing lanes, forcing the Colts to the boundaries, and keeping them from attacking. Marin's stout second half defense provided a few chances on goal for the Mariners as well. The best of which came when Sophomore Maddy Bailey rocketed a shot past Cañada's keeper but was forced to watch it ricochet off of the cross bar. Marin held the Colts in check until the waning minutes of the contest, wherein their lead was extended to a final score of 8-0.

On a day where the Mariners easily could have packed it in following the flurry of goals early on in the first half the team showed tremendous resolve. The team continued to play hard despite the elements and the lack of reserves. The Mariners used the game as an opportunity to get better as a team and saw what the team was made of.

Following the game Head Coach Jones and Assistant Coach Becca Yim were pleased with what they saw from the team and are excited to see what the season holds given the potential of the team.

For Jones, "Our girls never gave up on Wednesday, Playing in the heat, with only 11 players, the girls managed to improve and get better as the game went on.  It is very encouraging to see the girls come together like they did Wednesday with only one week of practice.  It will be exciting to see the girls progress as they get more experience playing together in the next couple weeks."

 Marin looks to have a deeper roster on Monday, when they play host to the Eagles of Siskiyous at 1 PM in Kentfield.