College of Marin Outpaced by Lassen College Cougars 89-75

College of Marin Outpaced by Lassen College Cougars 89-75

Mariners Basketball endured a setback at Lassen College on Tuesday evening. College of Marin traveled the vast journey to Susanville to take on the Cougars. They were rudely greeted by an explosive offense that racked up 89 points on Marin in an 89-75 loss. The Mariners trailed by just seven at halftime, but could not get any closer as Lassen extended their lead throughout the second half. Eric Mireri led the way for the Mariners with 19 points on the evening.

It was a high scoring affair throughout, though both teams employed separate strategies. The Mariners opted to launch from long range on several occasions, while mixing in some midrange and close post up opportunities. Lassen on the other hand lived inside and at the line.

Theo Howard had nine first half field goals for the Cougars and went to the line 11 times while scoring 27 points in the first half of action. Marin had a more balanced approach as Mireri scored nine in the first half while Joey Potts added eight of his own and Zamaria Odom seven. The Mariners went to the break trailing 44-37.

The second half was similar to the first as the Cougars continued to pound the ball inside. Howard had another 13 points, while Alberto Ortega had 13 of his own in the final half of play. For Marin Mireri added another 10 points while Jalen Chandler scored eight and Potts another seven. Unfortunately, it was not enough as Marin fell 89-75.

Howard led all scorers with 40 points while his Lassen teammate Ortega had 18 in the game. Mireri led the Mariners with 19 points with four made threes. Potts added 15 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks while Chandler had 12 points and three rebounds.

It is a quick turnaround for the Mariners as they travel to Feather River to face the Golden Eagles on Wednesday, November 21st at 4:30pm.