Up On The Farm - Alec Kenilvort

Up On The Farm - Alec Kenilvort

By Jordan Dickow

Earlier this winter I got on the phone with former College of Marin product, Alec Kenilvort. After transferring to College of Marin from Solano College in 2012, the right-handed reliever, Kenilvort played two years at COM.  He redshirted during 2013, and played the following 2014 season for College of Marin. He was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in June of 2014 and is currently in the Milwaukee Brewers system.

I spoke with Alec about the time he spent at College of Marin, and his experience being a minor league prospect.

We spoke about his time at College of Marin, and I specifically asked Alec about what it was like playing for Coach Steve Berringer. “He was great, he aspires to win, but was also involved with the players and added his own personal touch”. Coach Berringer’s involved management style goes a long way into a player’s development.

Kenilvort surely benefitted from having coach Berringer as a mentor. In the 2014 season, he posted a 7-4 record, with a 2.19 ERA in 15 appearances with 14 starts. Kenilvort posted a league leading 84 strike outs in 94.2 innings.  Coach Berringer gave his players the confidence to execute on their abilities and to create a winning culture.

I asked Alec how it felt to be drafted. He seemed very relieved when he learned he’d be given a chance to play professional ball. “I was drafted by the Rockies in June of 2014, and then I was picked up by the Brewers from the independent league. It was a huge relief when I was drafted.” The 6’6” 230-pound reliever was drafted in the 15th round by the Colorado Rockies

While being drafted to a professional team is a huge accomplishment in of itself, the road to majors continues for Kenilvort.  He is grinding his way through the farm system, working for the breakthrough for a big-league team.  It’s not always a clear path to the majors, and it’s no different for Kenilvort.  Now after reinventing himself in the independent league, Kenilvort is looking to move up the ladder in the Milwaukee Brewers system.

Alec explained what the organization is looking for as he rises through the farm system. “In the lower levels of the minors you refine on your skills that got you drafted, and then the organizations try to find how you fit in their organization the higher you go into the minors.”  Kenilvort has spent most of his professional career in low A and single A ball, and is still refining his mechanics. Kenilvort’s pitch repertoire is a sinker slider at a lower arm angle, and he was advised by one of his coaches to develop a splitfinger fastball.  Kenilvort has been used in a couple of roles as a reliever in his career. With the Rockies he was used in more long relief roles, and with the Brewers he’s been put in as a setup man or closer.  

While Alec is carving his path to the majors, his goal for this year was to find a place where he can succeed. After he was released by the Rockies, Kenilvort reinvented himself in the independent league, and was picked up by the Brewers. He found success with the Brewers since being picked up. While he was hit around this year, he did manage to pick up a high number of strikeouts.

Alec Kenilvort’s professional baseball journey has had its ups and downs but the future looks bright for the College of Marin product.