Eligibility Information


CCCAA – The governing body of CA Community College Athletics: College of Marin competes in the Bay Valley Conference

NCAA – The largest governing body of 4-year intercollegiate athletic programs; consists of three divisions (I/II/III); DI and DII schools offer athletic scholarships while DIII schools do not

NAIA – Governing body of smaller 4-year intercollegiate athletic programs; NAOA schools offer athletic scholarships

Season of Competition – A season of competition is used when a student-athlete participates in any official competition for a 2 or 4-year institution during the academic year

Full-time Semester – A full-time semester is typically defined as 12+ units attempted

Clock – Student-athletes are essentially given 5 years to compete 4 seasons (see detail below)

Qualifier – The NCAA determines you to be a Qualifier or Non-Qualifier based on your high school academic record (high school graduate, SAT/ACT scores, GPA, 16 core courses). The only way to officially determine qualifier status is by registering through the NCAA Eligibility Center at www.ncaaeligibilitycenter.org.  See the quick reference guide for more specific information: http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/Quick_Reference_Sheet.pdf

2-4 – A transfer student-athlete that begins at a 2-year institution, then transfers to a 4-year

4-2-4 – A transfer student-athlete that begins at a 4-year institution, transfers to a 2-year, then back to a 4-year

Redshirt – A student-athlete that is enrolled full-time, practices with the team, and does not compete

Greyshirt – A student-Athlete that is enrolled part-time, practices with the team, and does not compete


COLLEGE OF MARIN ELIGIBILITY FOR COMPETITION: To be eligible for competition at COM a student-athlete MUST:

  1. Be enrolled in 12 active units during season of competition (9 academic)
  2. Have a comprehensive education plan on file
  3. For continuing eligibility in the SAME SPORT, complete 24 units from 1st to 2nd season (beginning with the semester of the 1st season of competition).
    1. 18 academic
    2. 2.0 GPA
  4. For continuing eligibility in DIFFERENT SPORT, maintain a 2.0 GPA in all units attempted since the 1st season of competition in any sport
  5. A transfer student-athlete who has competed at another CA Community College must have 12 units in residence at COM prior to their 2nd season of competition
    1. Of the 12 units, only 8 can be completed in the summer (season of sport must be over before beginning classes)
    2. Student-Athletes that competed at a 4-year institution or a community college outside of CA do NOT have to meet the residency requirement
    3. The residency rule is waived if 5 or more years has passed since the last season of competition
  6. An athlete has 2 seasons of eligibility total in a single sport (1st two seasons at any institution); there is NO CLOCK