Math and English Policy

The College of Marin Athletics Department is committed to providing the academic support services necessary to facilitate the development of your academic skills.

The following policy has been established to assist student-athletes in meeting educational goals.

All College of Marin Student-Athletes expected to commit themselves to the academic and athletic standards of the College of Marin Athletic Department.

They are expected to be proactive, responsible and knowledgeable of the appropriate English and math requirements for graduation and/or transfer. Enrollment in the appropriate English and Math class is determined by my College of Marin assessment test results of the last English and Math class successfully completed at an accredited institution.

They are expected and responsible for enrolling in both an English and Math course during each term of attendance at College of Marin until they complete the appropriate requirements of transfer or graduation.

If a Student-Athlete is not actively enrolled in an English and Math course during spring and fall terms of attendance, they are subject to immediate suspension from any College of Marin intercollegiate activities. Student-Athletes are required to adhere any special requirements or academic progress/procedural reports as designated by the Athletic Director, coach or counselor.