Kinesiology Degrees

A career in kinesiology or physical education offers many job possibilities. One may be a director or a counselor or instructor in a program of physical activity at a camp or youth agency. Other possibilities are playground supervisor or coach of a team or officiating at sports events. There are also opportunities for teaching children with special problems such as physical or mental disabilities. Career Options Activity Specialist, Adaptive Physical Education Specialist, Athletic Club Manager, Athletic Equipment Salesperson, Athletic Trainer, Camp Director, Coach, Correctional Officer, Corrective Therapist, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Fighter, Health Club Staff, Athletic Manager, Massage Therapist, Park Director, Physical Therapist, Police Officer, Professional Athlete, Public Health Educator, Recreation Leader/Director, Recreation Therapist, Recruiter, Scout, Sports Official, Sports Shop Owner/Operator, Sportswriter/ Announcer, Stunt Performer, Teacher/Instructor

A.A.-T. IN KINESIOLOGY Associate in Arts in Kinesiology for Transfer degree (AA-T) The goal of the Associate in Arts in Kinesiology for Transfer Degree is to provide an efficient option for transfer to the California State University (CSU) from College of Marin in the Kinesiology major. As one of the primary missions of the community college is transfer, this degree offers students an option in a high-demand major. The intent is for students to satisfy the lower-division major preparation and general education requirements before transfer.

The student learning outcomes for the degree are to:

  • Analyze and assess various movement activities with an understanding of the basic principles of anatomy, physiology, and/or biomechanics.

  • Identify, value and implement wellness strategies and principles that support a healthy lifestyle.

  • Apply critical thinking skills in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of (successful) skill development, proper technique, physiological principles and kinesthetic awareness in activities related to physical education and athletics.

  • Utilize current technology to research and compile information in health and wellness, human performance and athletic competition.

To complete the Associate in Arts in Kinesiology for Transfer degree, a student must:

  • Complete 60 semester units* or 90 quarter units that are eligible for transfer to the California State University, including both of the following:

  • The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University General Education – Breadth Requirements, and A minimum of 18 semester units or 27 quarter units in a major or area of emphasis, as determined by the community college district.

  • Complete all courses in the major with a grade of “C” or better, or “P” if the course is taken as “pass/no pass.”

  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0.


KIN/HED 114 Introduction to Kinesiology 3

BIOL 120 Human Anatomy 5

BIOL 224 Human Physiology 5

KIN 155A Swimming .5-2

KIN 169A

Weight Training .5-2

KIN 173A Yoga .5-2

List A. Select two courses:

MATH 115 Probability and Statistics 4

Or STAT 115 Introduction to Statistics 4

CHEM 115 Survey of Organic and Biochemistry 5

Or CHEM 131 General Chemistry 5

PHYS 108A General Physics 4

Or PHYS 207A Mechanics and Properties of Matter 5

FIRE 215 Advanced First Aid/First Responder 3

Total Major Units 23 - 26

Maximum Units Double-Counted (IGETC/CSU-GE): 7-10 units/7-10 units Required IGETC/CSU-GE Breadth: 37 units/39 units

Remaining CSU Transferable Electives (IGETC/CSU-GE): 2-8 units/4-7 units